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Our Works

The 6th edition of "Diversity Amid Globalization" appeared in January 2014

Diversity Amid Globalization: Regions, Development, Environment. 6th edition. Les Rowntree, Martin Lewis, Marie Price, William Wyckoff (2014). Prentice Hall

The most important challenges facing the world in the 21st century are associated with globalization---the ever-increasing interconnectiveness of people and places through converging processes of economic, political, and cultural change. While few dispute the widespread changes brought about by globalization, not everyone agrees on what the implications are or whether the benefits outweigh the costs. Diversity Amid Globaization has 671 pages; 14 chapters; richly illustrated with photos, maps, and diagrams.

Globalization and Diversity: Geography of a Changing World, fifth edition. Les Rowntree, Martin Lewis, Marie Price, William Wyckoff (2016). Prentice Hall Pearson

Globalization and Diversity 5e is a shorter version (~450 pages) of Diversity Amid Globalization yet still covers the core concepts and content of the larger book. This 5th edition came out in January 2016

Hardy Californians: A Woman's Life with Native Plants, Lester Rowntree (November, 2006), University of California Press

UC Press republished this 1936 classic about California's native plants. In addition to the original text, this new book will also contain the following:
• an extensive biographical introduction by Les Rowntree and Rowan Rowntree;
• a chapter by Judith Lowry on the horticultural contributiions of Lester Rowntree's pioneering work;
• a bibliography, compiled by Rosemary Foster, of Lester Rowntree's 724 published articles;
• an updated species list by Allison Green;
• photographs of Lester Rowntree in the field and at home.

My Other Writing Projects

I am currently engaged in several other writing projects, namely a physical and environmental geography of California's Coast Ranges, several freelance articles on global and local environmental issues, and various websites, videos, and podcasts on natural history and global environmental issues.

Lester Rowntree's Books and Articles

During her long career, Lester Rowntree wrote 6 books and over 700 articles. The first two books were botanical and horticultural; the other four were children's books written after a fire destroyed her writing studio and the field notes for two books, one on desert flora, the other on California trees. In order of publication, the books are

• Hardy Californians. 1936. Macmillian.
(reprinted in 1980 by Peregrine Smith)
• Flowering Shrubs of California. 1938. Stanford University.
Press (reprinted by the same publisher in 1948)
• Ronnie. 1952. Viking.
• Ronnie and Don. 1955. Viking.
• Little Turkey. 1955. Viking.
• Denny and the Indian Magic. 1959. Viking

First editions of "Hardy Californians" and "Flowering Shrubs of California" are difficult to find, however, used copies of the Peregrine Smith paperback reprint of "Hardy Californians" can be usually obtained from Internet used book dealers. As well, used copies of the children's books are often available. (Warning: a search for books by Lester Rowntree will also yield a whole bunch of used college textbooks written by me over the last 25 years)

As for the over 700 articles written by Lester, they were published in a wide array of journals, magazines, and newspaper, ranging from rare and even arcane botanical and horticultural journals to popular magazines such as "The Atlantic Monthly", "Colliers", and Sunday supplements to the "Los Angeles Times", "New York Times", and other wide-circulation publications, circa 1935-1962. As noted above, the UC Press republication of "Hardy Californians" will contain a full bibliography of Lester's publications compiled by Rosemary Foster of Monterey, CA. Ms Foster will also publish a collection of Lester's horticultural writings in a book by the California Native Plant Society.